Prepare to be informed!

This site is a platform from which music’s freshest progeny will be launched directly into the Interwebs for all of my followers to enjoy.

Beware, however, if you’re looking for country or mainstream pop rubbish, this site will not love you, as you will not love this site.

To give you a taste of my taste, here is a list (in descending order) of my personal favorite 20 albums released in 2009.

20. Elvis Perkins in DearlandElvis Perkins in Dearland
…great voice with a great message: positivity. hard to call this folk album over Wilco’s and Blitzen Trapper’s releases, but alas, it has been decided.

19. The Most Serene Republic…And the Ever Expanding Universe
…similar to Broken Social Scene’s sound from You Forgot it in People (same record producer), but with more musical know-how (time signatures/chord voicings, etc). Fun, intelligent.

18. The Flaming LipsEmbryonic
…innovative overall sound to the album. new textures reveal themselves with each listen. not always pleasant, but if youre looking for purely pleasant music you’re utterly lame.

17. Neon IndianPsychic Chasms
…washed out 80’s synth-happy music. fun.

16. Animal CollectiveMerriweather Post Pavillion/ Fall Be Kind EP
…i’m just now warming up to AC. took me a while to “get it,” but i now “love it.” these releases were just accessible enough for me to stomach/enjoy the whole thing(s).

15. FanfarloReservoir
…big sound. anthemic. heart-warming.

14. Jon HopkinsInsides
…dirty breakbeats over sweeping orchestral arrangements. slow moving with sky-high beats. feelin it.

13. Junior BoysBegone Dull Care
…icy beats and melodies. sounds kinda like the definition of “cool” would sound.

12. Patrick WatsonWooden Arms
…innovative chord progressions and use of percussion. incredible songwriting. maybe andrew bird meets grizzly bear’s mellow side?

11. St. VincentActor
…innovation is the key here again. super high musicality infused into her songwriting. disney soundtracks on acid.

10. Noah and the WhaleThe First Days of Spring
…GREAT orchestration. relatable serious topic: huge breakup. pretty music.

9. BowerbirdsUpper Air
…can’t get tired of Bowerbirds. beautiful singing and harmonies with interesting instrument selections. never gets old.

8. The xxxx
…sounds fresh, hip, cool. innovative take on r&b. great use of minimalism.

7. Andrew BirdNoble Beast
…intelligent music. subtle, complex. who knew whistling could sound so pretty?

6. Volcano ChoirUnmap
…refreshingly experimental. one of the best winter albums of all time. justin vernon’s voice works very well in this format too.

5. The AntlersHospice
…epic. despair never sounded so raw and beautiful.

4. Memory TapesSeek Magic
…80’s influenced dance music. it’s impossible to be unhappy while listening to this guy. seriously. impossible. great textures.

3. PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
…two of the best singles this year came from this album. dance rock blended perfectly with pop. you’ll feel good.

2. Dirty ProjectorsBitte Orca
…no one else can sound anything like dirty projectors. this album shows they’ve mastered this sound, and it’s wonderful. plus they played one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen.

1. Grizzly BearVeckatimest
…incredible album. every song is great. i can’t really express how much i love this album. listen and you’ll understand.

Hope you’re on board after that tasty little read.  Also, feel free to follow me on (username: Music for the gods) to see and hear even more recommendations and reviews. I have a playlist posted there with a song from each of the 20 albums listed above as well. (here is the playlist)

Until next time, happy readings and tell your cool friends!


One response to “Mmhmmmm

  1. nice blog d-mo! im downloading a bunch of these albums now. premiums cuts and crunchy beats!

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