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Preview Frightened Rabbit’s Latest Album

Scottish group Frightened Rabbit‘s newest album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, is bleak, desperate and highly emotional. Just like we all wanted.

The LP is due out Mach 9, but thanks to NPR, you can preview the entire album up until the official release date.

There is no shortage of approval for this one from my end- it’s a heavy hitter to say the least.

To get your mouths watering, TWO NEW HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ALBUMS will be streamable from this blog starting Monday.

Hint 1: Think of Philadelphia’s cracked homage to America

Hint 2: A less evolved form of us

Check back early Monday for your immediate satisfaction.


Mini-Post: Efterklang’s Magic Chairs

I’ve been incredibly busy lately working on recording an album of my own. Because of this I haven’t been able to make fully consistent posts, and for that, I apologize.

However, I have just a bit of time to squeeze in a mention for the latest album from one of my favorite bands, Efterklang.

Sadly, Magic Chairs isn’t up to par with their previous works. They’ve added a lot of accessibility (pop), which detracts from their vicious edge that they used to carry (especially live).

Either way, I’ll let you, the readers, be the judge as to whether the album’s up your respective alleys. You can stream the album over on the right side of this blog, or you can head to their Myspace to check out some tunes.

What do you think?

Getting Dreamy and Ethereal on Everyone’s Asses

For today’s post, we’re taking a dream theme on some recent releases- both in song titles and in sound.

If you look over on the right side of this page, you’ll first notice a mini-playlist with three songs on it. After that, you’ll notice a live video of Four Tet playing Sing, recorded and edited by Ray Concepcion, as well as the video for AU‘s song Ida Walked Away.

To begin, let’s click on that first playlist.

The first song is from We Are Wolves’ latest album, Invisible Violence. This track made it onto the playlist both to wake you readers up and more obviously, because the song is called Dreams.

The next track is from Maine’s South China. Though this album, Washingtons, was released a few months ago, its wintery, isolated tone made Sun Sets on Washington Ave. a perfect pick for the playlist.

To end the playlist, Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose‘s ethereal track Younger from the album Bridge Carols was selected.

Now that we’ve covered the playlist, click on the live video just underneath it on the right side of the page.

Awaiting your ears and eyes is a wicked Four Tet video from Pitchfork.TV’s Tunnelvision series. As mentioned earlier, Ray Concepcion is responsible for this traced-out video. It was made using a pair of disposable 3-D glasses as a sort of filter for the camera lens (how much cooler can live videos get?) which added an especially otherworldly tone to the already introspective pulsing music.

And finally, Portland-based AU released a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic video for their track Ida Walked Away, which can be viewed just under Four Tet’s.

For those of you that are still behind the times (or aren’t in America) and aren’t Lala users, you can sample the tracks from the playlist at the artists’ respective Myspaces, listed here- We Are Wolves, Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose, and South China.

Listen to Joanna Newsom’s 3-Disc Release

The harpist’s newest three-disc album, Have One On Me, has been receiving a lot of attention, and for obvious reason.

Joanna Newsom‘s music is pretty extreme, and it typically results in a love or hate situation for the listener due to her sometimes-helium-induced-sounding voice carrying over densely arranged tunes without any major hooks.

Regardless of whether you thoroughly enjoy her music, the album is a respectable and impressive endeavour, and it’s officially released as of today.

To venture down into this two-hour rabbit hole of sorts, you can listen to the album (either by individual tracks or in its entirety) at NPR’s site.

What do you think? Pretty weirdly cohesive, eh?

Watch Broken Bells’ Entire First Set!

By now you’ve probably heard of Broken Bells, the unlikely duo consisting of DangerMouse and Shins frontman James Mercer.

If you hurry before some label rep. finds out these have been posted, you can watch their entire first set ever-right here.

The show was at L.A.’s Bootleg Theater, and the backing members you see are former members of Hella and current members of Conor Oberst’s Mystic Valley Band (Spin).

New Flying Lotus Track + A Promising Chillwave Duo


Listen to the first released track from Flying Lotus‘s forthcoming album, Cosmogramma, due for release May 4.

He’ll be playing some solo shows in Europe and the US, as well as two festival shows at the Warp Showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX and Coachella in  Indio, California, all of which are listed in more detail here.


Memoryhouse is the Chillwave/Glo-Fi duo from up north in Ontario that has taken a more somber approach to the movement, sounding nothing like Neon Indian or Toro Y Moi, but definitely residing in the same category.

You can download their The Years EP for free while checking out their lonely, dreamy tunes here.

Also, the music video for Sleep Patterns is available for clicking/watching/enjoying in the top right corner of this blog.

Anybody notice the loop from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind during the intro of Lately? Seems pretty fitting.

Out Sick- Maybe This New Track from Broken Social Scene Will Assuage Your Disappointment….

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I’ve been unable to keep up with the blog while I’ve been sick…

To make up for my time out, a link to Broken Social Scene‘s new epic song is posted right here.

Their new album, Forgiveness Rock Record, will be out May 4.

Hope everyone’s ready for some great new insights this week!

Happy weekending!