Mysterious, Yet Oddly Comforting: Lindefelt, Fredrik

Trilogi, Fredrik‘s latest release, is dark and deep. Swirling vocals accompany less than typical percussive noises for a more than satisfying end result.

The LP is the latest from the Swedish duo Lindefelt and, well, Fredrik, under the moniker Frederik. Aptly named Trilogi, the album was originally developed as 3 parts, but the tracks ultimately flow together as one seamless masterpiece.

Upon first play, this album struck me as beautiful and immediately classic. Give it a go, and uncover all the sonic rewards this album has to offer. This is going to be another favorite of 2010.

Stream it from the player on the right, or head over to their Myspace



One response to “Mysterious, Yet Oddly Comforting: Lindefelt, Fredrik

  1. I was trying to break my Scandinavian music listening habit, but damn, I like this. Thanks for posting.

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