Thick Beats, Dark Timbres: Phantogram and Massive Attack

This week’s been a good one.

  • Yeasayer released Odd Blood (discussed tomorrow)
  • Hot Chip released their newest (doesn’t deserve discussion-it’s just not that great)
  • Phantogram released their debut Eyelid Movies (dark pop/electronica)
  • Massive Attack released Heliogland, their first in seven years (trip-hop at its finest), and
  • Ben + Vesper released LuvInIdleness (honorable mention)

Last week, a link was provided to preview both Phantogram‘s and Massive Attack‘s LPs before they were officially released. Now they’ve been released.

If you missed those opportunities, both Eyelid Movies and Heliogland have now been embedded into clickable Lala players on the right side of this very blog.

The albums share dark, rich qualities, and both rely heavily on crunchy electronic percussion to add energy. Definite mood music, but enriching nonetheless.


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