A Psychadelic Pop Freakout: Yeasayer

As promised yesterday, today’s easily streamable album is Yeasayer‘s latest album, Odd Blood.

Yeasayer shed the world-music approach and picked up a big bag of the 80’s before recording this psychadelic gem. Somehow, they managed to make a more accessible album, yet it’s still so weird-sounding that it sounds entirely original.

It took several listens to get accustomed to the new dance-oriented tunes, but the album has successfully sounded better with each spin.

Don’t let the vocal effects or trudging beat of opening track, The Children, scare you off- there’s still a lovely pop melody buried inside. And each track after sounds immediately friendlier (however full of off-the-wall textures) with bigger, singable hooks.

You can listen to the album on the right side of this blog, or you can head to their Myspace where they’re currently streaming the entire album.

Do you like it? Too weird? Not weird enough? Drop a comment.


One response to “A Psychadelic Pop Freakout: Yeasayer

  1. Interesting. I like ambling amp. I’ve only listened to the first couple songs on their myspace though.

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