Seriously, Listen to This Already: Local Natives

It’s here!

Local Natives have officially released Gorilla Manor.

Last week, I posted a link to preview this album before it came out. After clicking that link about 10 times over the next few days, this album took a serious place in my heart. The songs were playing back in my head after only a few listens, causing me to literally crave another exposure to their infectious melodies.

Pitchfork slapped a Best New Music sticker on this album yesterday, and for good reason. In order to illustrate how much I love this album, I’m going to label it my first official “UNGODLY RELEASE.” (That’s a good thing.)

The LP has a relatively playful tone that’s filled with energy. Impressive three-part harmonies soar over a good portion of the songs, and jungle style drumming adds the perfect complement.

Now, if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to Gorilla Manor, I’ve embedded the album over on the right- just give a simple tap on the mouse and open yourself to some great musical craftsmanship. If you’re not hip to Lala, you can preview some of the songs at their Myspace.

How much do you love this album? A lot? A whole lot?

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2 responses to “Seriously, Listen to This Already: Local Natives

  1. I like the blog, keep it up!

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