Getting Dreamy and Ethereal on Everyone’s Asses

For today’s post, we’re taking a dream theme on some recent releases- both in song titles and in sound.

If you look over on the right side of this page, you’ll first notice a mini-playlist with three songs on it. After that, you’ll notice a live video of Four Tet playing Sing, recorded and edited by Ray Concepcion, as well as the video for AU‘s song Ida Walked Away.

To begin, let’s click on that first playlist.

The first song is from We Are Wolves’ latest album, Invisible Violence. This track made it onto the playlist both to wake you readers up and more obviously, because the song is called Dreams.

The next track is from Maine’s South China. Though this album, Washingtons, was released a few months ago, its wintery, isolated tone made Sun Sets on Washington Ave. a perfect pick for the playlist.

To end the playlist, Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose‘s ethereal track Younger from the album Bridge Carols was selected.

Now that we’ve covered the playlist, click on the live video just underneath it on the right side of the page.

Awaiting your ears and eyes is a wicked Four Tet video from Pitchfork.TV’s Tunnelvision series. As mentioned earlier, Ray Concepcion is responsible for this traced-out video. It was made using a pair of disposable 3-D glasses as a sort of filter for the camera lens (how much cooler can live videos get?) which added an especially otherworldly tone to the already introspective pulsing music.

And finally, Portland-based AU released a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic video for their track Ida Walked Away, which can be viewed just under Four Tet’s.

For those of you that are still behind the times (or aren’t in America) and aren’t Lala users, you can sample the tracks from the playlist at the artists’ respective Myspaces, listed here- We Are Wolves, Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose, and South China.


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