Two Huge Previews: Broken Bells and Gorillaz

Saturday, you got a link to listen to Frightened Rabbit’s newest album before its official release.

Now you get the chance to listen to two of my most heavily anticipated albums in the same fashion.

You have to know who Broken Bells is by now. If by chance you still don’t, DangerMouse and Shins frontman James Mercer teamed up to make a self-titled album that subtly blends electronica with pop. One word: groovy.  Just try to stay upset while this music’s playing; I dare you.

Check out their album here. (Thanks NPR.)

Next, Gorillaz have made their upcoming album, Plastic Beach, available for listening as well. I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed by the first single released (Stylo). But after hearing it in context of the album, I am completely back on the Gorillaz boat.

Needless to say, this LP is GREAT. Listen to Plastic Beach in its entirety here. I’m getting an ungodly urge listening to these tracks…

Are you as excited as I am? Leave a comment. Seriously, let’s get a conversation going on this blog. Everybody loves a bit of banter and debate. Right?


4 responses to “Two Huge Previews: Broken Bells and Gorillaz

  1. The review of the Broken Bells record in SPIN magazine is pretty negative. I don’t recall the details, but I was surprised given how awesome “The High Road” is.

  2. yeah, it’s definitely not a dynamic album. you kind of just get more songs that sound similar to “The High Road.”
    either way, i like it. nothing else sounds like it, and i’m a die hard fan of james mercer’s voice.

  3. That’s probably because you want his dick. These albums are the shit though.

  4. kinda like how you want george clinton’s?

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