Synths Meet World Beats

New Zealand group The Ruby Suns released Fight Softly today via Sub Pop.

I had no idea what to expect when I came across this LP, but it couldn’t have turned out to be a better surprise.

If you were to take a cross between Yeasayer‘s and Vampire Weekend’s percussion and add Discovery‘s synths, you would land somewhere near Fight Softly‘s timbre.

Interested yet? Check it out from the embedded Lala player on the right or head to their Myspace and listen to Cranberry (looks like the only track from this album posted).

We didn’t really get a conversation going yesterday, so how about you drop a comment about what you think of this one? Eh?


4 responses to “Synths Meet World Beats

  1. Oh God, I am SO interested, I love Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend so this sounds like it’s for me! Thanks so much for alerting me to this!
    I’ve got to get music blogging again, I’ve been so distracted!

  2. Well how about you tell LaLa to stop being so shitty…Cranberry was pretty cool. Left me a little uninspired though. A little kitchy if you catch my drift. I wish I could hear the rest of the tracks though. I see what they were going for.

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