electriFRIED bliss: Broken Bells and White Hinterland

If you’re feeling fried this late in the week, here are two soothing ways to alleviate your frazzled state of mind.


The self-titled debut from Broken Bells doesn’t provide much in the way of diversity, but I never found myself wanting to skip through a beat, even after repeat listens.

Each of the tracks emanates a cool radiance. That said, it’s still not the best work from either Dangermouse or James Mercer, but it’s definitely still quality music.

For a more innovative option, check out White Hinterland‘s Kairos.

The music shares some qualities with one of my favorites albums from last year, Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca, mainly in each of the off-kilter guitar riffs and dub-style bass.

Singer Casey Dienels voice carries the tracks perfectly over glacial electronic tones complemented by often unexpected deep bass lines. This album definitely took repeat listens to fully appreciate (the best music often does), but the payoff is worth it.

Both albums are streamable on the right side of this blog. Otherwise, you can hear the the first two singles from Broken Bells at their Myspace; or you can check out a few tunes from Kairos at White Hinderland’s Myspace.

Feeling relieved?


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