Great Album + Pitchfork Steals My Idea…

First things first, Little Dragon released their ridiculously hip self-titled album a while ago, but after listening to it heavily for the last week or so, I felt like posting it here for more people to share in my neo-jazz/R&B-infused bewonderment.

Because this isn’t an especially recent release, their Myspace isn’t updated to include the songs I adore so much…. so if you don’t have Lala and thus cannot use the embedded player on the right containing this album, you’ll have to watch this Youtube video of their track Test and/or this video of my personal favorite, Constant Surprises.

Now, Pitchfork has seemingly hijacked my idea for the very core purpose of this blog in a new section on their site called The Playlist. Basically, instead of dishing their often undesirable snobbery all over new music, they’re just posting new tracks that they like without ratings. If they don’t like it, they won’t post it. If it’s a favorite, they label it Best New Music.

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s exactly what you’ve been viewing/reading/hearing here since the birth of this blog nearly two months ago. Obviously Pitchfork didn’t steal my idea, they just implemented the same plan unknowingly.

The only reason I mention this little happening is because I feel slightly like the genuine intentions I had in creating MusicForTheGods may seem less original.

I hope it doesn’t come across that way to you.

Thanks to everyone who reads what I love to share. Thanks for preferring not to have to endure a page-long opinion explaining why you should or shouldn’t form your own opinions about the music posted here.

Sappy moment, right?

In summary, MUSIC IS GREAT.


2 responses to “Great Album + Pitchfork Steals My Idea…

  1. Sorry man, I’m only reading pitchfork from now on. They told me about this new band called little dragon I really like.

  2. Just to reemphasize. I love this track. Seriously.

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