New Must Hear: Bonobo- Black Sands

If you love downtempo electronica with heavy trip-hop tendencies, do I ever have a treat for you.

Atmospheric but with constant forward momentum, Bonobo‘s Black Sands is like a refreshing, deep breath of air.

The British producer/musician/dj Simon Green (Bonobo) shows serious know-how when it comes to building grooves, often placing accents on more syncopated rhythms than just the default downbeat. Green also shows a deep understanding of composition, from opening track Prelude to the eccentrically groovy El Toro.

Andreya Triana joins for the initial single Eyesdown, as well as a few later tracks in the album; each one is a major success, becoming personal favorites. Her lush, sultry voice is the perfect complement for Black Sands‘s rich undertones.

Depending on how well this album holds up throughout the year, it might even be a 2010 favorite.

You can listen to the entire album using the Lala player on the right, or you can navigate through Xusje’s Youtube channel, where the user has posted each track in reverse order (make sure to click “see all” underneath the “uploads” section in the top right of the page, then start with Prelude and work upwards for the full album experience).

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4 responses to “New Must Hear: Bonobo- Black Sands

  1. This album is so good. Jesus.

  2. Bonobo is as powerful as Jesus.

    Check out Message to Bears as well. Up and coming similar style. A little more like Nick Drake/Kings of Convenience/Bonobo fusion.

  3. checked out Message to Bears- a little too morose and just a bit too sparse for me. i kept hoping for a change in the sound but they left me a little bored.

  4. understandable…i enjoy listening to it by myself while concentrating on something.

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