Up & Coming: Baths

If you’ve been riding the chillwave/glo-fi movement like me, you’ll be pretty excited about this new take on the genre.

If you didn’t much like the chillwave/glo-fi movement, there’s just as good a chance that you’ll enjoy this music because of its immediately apparent different direction and approach.

The project of California’s Will Wiesenfeld, Baths is innovative, colorful and beautiful.

Still washed out, still drenched in reverb; but this time the R&B tendencies are unmistakable, and a nearly constant source of glitches adds all sorts of textural interest. Aspects of grime’s off-kilter beats are present too.

You can listen to my favorite track, Maximalist, here. And for further delving, check his Myspace here.

What do you think? You hooked on it like phonics?


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