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New Interpol Song

Interpol‘s back at it. While they still haven’t released any details about their forthcoming album, they have provided a new track, “Lights,” for download in exchange for an e-mail address.

It’s over five minutes long, and it sounds like Interpol.

Check it out at their website.


Preview: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus‘s newest album, Cosmogramma, is due out May 4, but he’s made the entire thing available for streaming at his Myspace.


3 New Noteworthy Releases- 4.27.10

Avi Buffalo- self-titled (Sub Pop)

-sunshiney and young, yet surprisingly mature

Frog EyesPaul’s Tomb: A Triumph (Dead Oceans)

-frantic fuzz opera

The Mynabirds- What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood (Saddle Creek)

-excellent old school female vocalist with a twist of southern soul

To hear samples from each of these albums, simply listen to the playlist in The Connection over on the right side of this page.


Preview: New Albums from The National and The New Pornographers

You can stream the forthcoming album High Violet from The National before it’s released May 11 up until tomorrow at the New York Times website.

You can stream Together, the new album from The New Pornographers, at NPR’s site. The album is due May 4.

Out of Office

Just a heads up to all you people out there- I’m not going to be able to post for the next few days as I’m taking a trip up to good ole Lawrence, Kansas to watch the one and only Jonsi play what I’m sure will be a fantastic show (I absolutely love his solo album).

Judging from the photos I’ve seen on his site thus far, I can’t wait to see this show.

Stay fresh; back soon.

UNGODLY RELEASE: Inlets- Inter Arbiter

Inlets craft a breed of music designed for an audience that understands the complexities music theory can foster and nourish when combined correctly with pop aspects. The latest album from Sebastian Krueger’s project, Inter Arbiter, is tinged with classical progressions while still keeping a firm hold on the backbeat.

In fact, this album is so unique, so innovative, so knowledgeable; it’s getting a title few albums have come to share: This record is officially another UNGODLY RELEASE.

The record is extremely colorful, featuring prepared piano bass lines, descending banjo lines in a competing time signature, incredibly intricate vocal harmonies, jazzy bass clarinets and clarinets, toy piano, and flute (and that’s only in the first half of the LP).

You can stream the full album via The Connection over on the right. You can also watch the video for the first single, “Bright Orange Air” in The Connection. If you’re not hip to Lala, you can click on over to the Myspace.


As Soothing As You Can Get: Horse Feathers

The Portland-based folk group Horse Feathers released Thistled Spring today, and it might be the most relaxing album from 2010 I’ve heard so far.

Singer Justin Ringle’s voice can only be described as angelic, and his sense of melody is astounding: weaving throughout the subtle textures created by banjo, cello, violin, acoustic guitar and minimalist percussion, one can only be left in a state of serenity after listening to this record.

At points I was even reminded of a much less depressing, much more rootsy Damien Rice.

You can listen to the album via The Connection over on the right. Otherwise you’ll need to head to the Myspace.

How much do you love this?