Just Weird Enough- Tunng

The fourth album from Brit psych-folkers Tunng may be a step away from their old sound, but for someone lacking knowledge of the group’s reportoire, ..And Then We Saw Land is a solid LP.

The song structures seem simple enough, but the group employs subtle electronic blips and alterations to keep interest high and engaged.

Sing-along moments in the burlier tracks, like opener “Hustle,” add relatability to the album’s genre-crossing, fence-straddling sound. You can stream the HD video for that song over on the right.

Another mentionable track, “Sashimi,” reminded me of Efterklang at moments, if Efterklang were to opt for synths rather than acoustic instrumentations. You can listen to the track here.

Unfortunately, the album’s mp3’s aren’t up for purchase on Lala, but you can still stream the album there. Non-Lala users can head to the Myspace for a taste.

What do you think?


One response to “Just Weird Enough- Tunng

  1. I have been listening to Tunng for a few years now and was instantly intrigued upon first hearing them. I am excited to listen to the entire new album. After listening to ‘Hustle’ it appears to be a little more up beat than prior albums.

    Very unique electro/folk music!

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