Up/Off-Beat Pop: Rafter

Rafter Roberts is the man behind the jubliant, eccentric project that is Rafter; and the latest album, Animal Feelings, is a bumping ride through a dance-pop saturated stratosphere.

Frankly, this album is weird, but in the best way possible. Instead of scaring you away, its bright flashing multi-colored lights will lure you into the party.

The dance-driven beats, unexpected bells and whistles, tight harmonies and melodies bring Of Montreal and Beck (in his Midnite Vultures phase) to mind.

Go ahead and give it a go. You can stream the album in The Connection on this page, or you can head to the Myspace.

Whatever you do, please do NOT judge this LP by the first track: it’s definitely one of the weakest. If anything, just skip to the next one.

Dancing yet?


2 responses to “Up/Off-Beat Pop: Rafter

  1. I’m a fan – all the songs/albums you’ve mentioned – I’ve enjoyed thoroughly – thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! If you don’t mind, please tell your friends that love music about the site! I’d love to be able to focus even more on the blog, and with a wider audience, it’s a much more realistic possibility.
      Thanks again!

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