More MusicForTheGods

If you enjoy reading posts and listening to music here at my little corner of the Interwebs, I’d like to make it known that you can find even more recommendations, music and news in the forms of Facebook posts and Lala listening history.

For instance, if you were already a Facebook fan of the blog, this week you would have found clickable links to brand new songs from The National, Blitzen Trapper, LCD Soundsystem and Dirty Projectors, as well as updates about my posts here.

And if you’d been following me on Lala, you’d have seen a visible history of a huge chunk of what I search through that ends up here, as well as even more music that you may have loved that didn’t quite fit my personal tastes. Plus you can see a forecast of four of my favorite songs at any given time.

So along with the e-mail subscription option over on the right, you can easily find even more music with these two other options.

To become a Facebook fan, click here.

To follow me on Lala, click here.


2 responses to “More MusicForTheGods

  1. so you take albums that are featured on Pitchfork and then put them on your blog…might as well just look at Pitchfork

    • first- no one’s stopping you.
      and since i’m pretty sure pitchfork (a nationally acclaimed blog that puts on their own music festival) doesn’t have the time to go around and make stupid comments on tiny blogs (it’s just me here), i’m not really going to take this seriously. pitchfork has bands sending them demos. i go find whatever i can and post it to share with my friends.
      and the music blogging community shouldn’t be so stuck up. keep it communal. for instance, if i find any music i like, i want to share it with people. i don’t care if i found it first. i’d rather benefit musicians and just spread the music as much as possible.
      plus- MBV, NPR, timymixtapes, poptartssucktoasted, and record label sites (Jagjaguwar, Sub Pop, Dead Oceans, etc) are all major sources for me.
      so, nice try.

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