Original and Outlandish: CocoRosie

Along with having what might be the most hideous album artwork of the decade, the art-pop duo CocoRosie has released one of the most interesting tracks I’ve heard this year.

The 5-minute track, “Lemonade,” starts with a pensive piano intro that gives way to eerie vocals, wicked synths and even a brass fanfare, before leading to a lush, beautifully orchestrated chorus.

To hear the track, just play the video in the Connection on the right. For more songs, head to their Myspace.

Their fourth album, Grey Oceans, is due May 11 via Sub Pop.


4 responses to “Original and Outlandish: CocoRosie

  1. I dig it! Usually I have to be in a very specific “CocoRosie” mood, but yeah.. liked this song, looking forward to the album.

    Thanks dude, I’m glad I subscribed to your RSS!

  2. That has to be the most unattractive album cover I’ve ever seen.

  3. even the font looks absolutely horrible

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