As Soothing As You Can Get: Horse Feathers

The Portland-based folk group Horse Feathers released Thistled Spring today, and it might be the most relaxing album from 2010 I’ve heard so far.

Singer Justin Ringle’s voice can only be described as angelic, and his sense of melody is astounding: weaving throughout the subtle textures created by banjo, cello, violin, acoustic guitar and minimalist percussion, one can only be left in a state of serenity after listening to this record.

At points I was even reminded of a much less depressing, much more rootsy Damien Rice.

You can listen to the album via The Connection over on the right. Otherwise you’ll need to head to the Myspace.

How much do you love this?


One response to “As Soothing As You Can Get: Horse Feathers

  1. Yeah, Horse Feathers are a great band! I’ve seen them play a few times, always a good show. If you’re into this kind of thing, you should check out Loch Lomond or Norfolk & Western too, another great band from Portland and they sort of roll in the same circles with Horse Feathers. Not sure if you’re aware but a lot of the Portland folk bands are VERY incestuous, with tons of overlapping members and everchanging line-ups. But it’s all really nice, rootsy folk music.

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