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Shameless Self-Promotion: People,People

My band People,People has finally finished our self-titled debut album!

We wrote all the orchestra arrangements and recorded/mixed/produced the entire album ourselves (it’s been quite a ride) in our living room, so we’re pretty proud of our not-so-little full-length LP. (There’s even an overture section!)

It would mean the world to me if you would take some time and listen to at least a few tracks from the album. If you like it, then PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT US.

Since we just got the master copy of the album last night, it’s not available for sale just yet, but in the hopes of spreading our music to the most people that we can, we’ve posted the entire album for streaming at our Myspace.

Just click here to enter the world of People,People.

Hope you enjoy it!


New Release, Old Sound- Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier released Inter-Be (via Jagjaguwar) today, and it sounds like a fresh blast from the past.

The Minneapolis duo (Peter Pisano and Brian Moen) construct songs with a loose, free-flowing energy that exhibits enough dynamics to keep you interested throughout the entire LP.

Lord knows I’ve got a bit of the South engrained into my affections for certain music, and this album hit right on target: blues, folk, old country and classic rock all hold places in the tracks.

That said, this isn’t a southern-rock album (no huge guitar solos), and that’s a good thing. The melodies lie much more in pop, and you’ll be singing along after only a few listens. The duo did a great job of creating a fresh take on an old sound.

Check out three tracks from their new album at their Myspace.

Hear Ratatat’s New Album Now

Once again, NPR has provided an exquisite exclusive first listen.

You can hear Ratatat‘s newest album LP4 up until its official June 8 release.

The duo’s latest record still has the same 8-bit dance beats, but more acoustic instruments are present than in their first releases. The tracks have a pretty similar sound to LP3 (their last album), and that’s because these tracks are from the same writing sessions as LP3- they just didn’t make it onto the last album.

And that’s not to say these songs are of any lower quality; this album is excellent.

Head here to check it out.

Watch: Janelle Monae (INCREDIBLE)

I was excited about the National’s performance on Letterman a few days ago, but have now been absolutely stunned by the show put on by Janelle Monae (who also happens to have one of the coolest mainstream albums to come out in a while out right now; see The Archandroid).

Watch it in The Connection over on the right. Seriously. Watch it. Now.

Two Big Tuesday Releases: The Black Keys + LCD Soundsystem

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to The Black Keys‘ latest album, Brothers, go ahead and do it now.

It’s up there with the best of their LPs, providing the same jangly energy any Keys fan has come to love and expect, but this time there are more downtempo songs with lyrics that are just as heavy as the guitar riffs and overdrive. It even reaches points of R&B and soul, rather than staying in the confines of blues-rock. The presence of more keyboards is also a welcome change.

To hear the full album, head over to NPR, but hurry- they’re taking the tracks down soon. To get a taste, just head to their Myspace.

Next, LCD Soundsystem released This Is Happening today. Personally, I’m not the biggest LCD fan, but this record was more up my alley than James Murphy’s previous releases.

He’s still combining big dance beats with his post-punk knowhow, but for some reason this LP sounds more cohesive and fluid without getting monotonous to me.

To hear the album, head over to Lala before it’s completely dead (May 31 is going to be an especially hard day for me).

Happy Tuesday!

Local Flavor: DEERPEOPLE

There’s a not-so-little, sometimes 6-piece, sometimes 7-piece group of musicians in my Stillwater, OK area that just released their self-titled EP, and it sounds great.


They’re an indie group (I can actually use the term correctly here- there’s no label involved) with a tracklist that’s bursting with hooks, charisma and serious pop know-how.

Check out their full EP here.

Pretty solid, right?

Watch: The National do Letterman

I’m in love with the latest album from The National, High Violet; and they played a fantastic rendition of the dark, brooding track “Afraid of Everyone” on Letterman last night.

They even brought Sufjan Stevens along for backup vocal support.

Watch it via The Connection over on the right.

Update: My blog is acting the fool and not updating my videos very quickly, so if you can’t see the video on the right, head here.