Lala Gets Canned

I guess we should have seen it coming once Apple decided to buy Lala (I feel like Apple could buy anything if they decided to), but after several weeks of new ownership, there were no changes applied to my favorite web-based MP3 service.

Now, out of the blue, Apple’s terminating the service entirely.

This means those easily clickable Lala players I’ve become so fond of will be defunct as of May 31.

I’m staying positive: hopefully a new service will become available to fill Lala’s lovable shoes. Until that point, I’ll be checking around for other easy ways to share/provide music for you to hear.

Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Lala Gets Canned

  1. I’m not happy about this. Where will we go? Grooveshark is calling us lala refugees.

  2. Is Grooveshark the same deal? I need a new site!

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