Two Big Tuesday Releases: The Black Keys + LCD Soundsystem

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to The Black Keys‘ latest album, Brothers, go ahead and do it now.

It’s up there with the best of their LPs, providing the same jangly energy any Keys fan has come to love and expect, but this time there are more downtempo songs with lyrics that are just as heavy as the guitar riffs and overdrive. It even reaches points of R&B and soul, rather than staying in the confines of blues-rock. The presence of more keyboards is also a welcome change.

To hear the full album, head over to NPR, but hurry- they’re taking the tracks down soon. To get a taste, just head to their Myspace.

Next, LCD Soundsystem released This Is Happening today. Personally, I’m not the biggest LCD fan, but this record was more up my alley than James Murphy’s previous releases.

He’s still combining big dance beats with his post-punk knowhow, but for some reason this LP sounds more cohesive and fluid without getting monotonous to me.

To hear the album, head over to Lala before it’s completely dead (May 31 is going to be an especially hard day for me).

Happy Tuesday!


2 responses to “Two Big Tuesday Releases: The Black Keys + LCD Soundsystem

  1. May 31…roll the funeral song. I will be SO lost without my lala 😦

  2. Black Keys are the shit. Saw them live at Coachella, been hooked ever sense.

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