New Release, Old Sound- Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier released Inter-Be (via Jagjaguwar) today, and it sounds like a fresh blast from the past.

The Minneapolis duo (Peter Pisano and Brian Moen) construct songs with a loose, free-flowing energy that exhibits enough dynamics to keep you interested throughout the entire LP.

Lord knows I’ve got a bit of the South engrained into my affections for certain music, and this album hit right on target: blues, folk, old country and classic rock all hold places in the tracks.

That said, this isn’t a southern-rock album (no huge guitar solos), and that’s a good thing. The melodies lie much more in pop, and you’ll be singing along after only a few listens. The duo did a great job of creating a fresh take on an old sound.

Check out three tracks from their new album at their Myspace.


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