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Listen: Dirty Projectors & Bjork Collaboration

Last May, Dirty Projectors and Bjork teamed up for a benefit show in an NYC bookstore. It was from this collaboration that the concept album Mount Wittenberg Orca was created.

That LP is up for sale as of today, and you can buy it here (all profits go to the National Geographic Society Oceans Project).

If you’re like me, you’ll trust the Projectors’ frontman David Longstreth’s and Bjork’s abilities and want to buy this without a second thought.

But for the rest of you, you can listen to the last track from the album right now via The Connection over on the right side of this page (if you’re having trouble with the player, head here).

Collaboration celebration!


Just Frenetic Enough: Maps & Atlases

Maps & Atlases have left some of their math-rock tendencies behind for their colorful debut full-length LP, Perch Patchwork, out today.

The Chicago-based group didn’t drop all of their layered, rigorous attention to syncopation, however, and what’s left is an album that sounds like a themed mural that’s been splatter-painted with sparkly guitar riffs.

With more space to breathe, Dave Davison’s voice is free to take charge of the melodies, and he delivers a confident performance on each track.

Stylistically speaking, Perch Patchwork ranges all the way from Afro-beat to indie pop rock, while remaining heavily percussive and using embellishments to maximum potential.

Listen to the full album at their Myspace.

Preview: The Roots

You can now listen to How I Got Over, the latest album from beloved hip-hop outfit The Roots, at their Myspace.

The LP features collaborations with Joanna Newsom, Jim James from My Morning Jacket and the female vocalists from Dirty Projectors, and it’s due June 22.

60’s Summer Music- The Love Language

Do you like sunshiney ’60s pop?

Do you like instantly catchy tunes that make you feel good?

Do you enjoy well-written music?

If you answered yes to any of the above,

Then head here and stream the entire new album Libraries from The Love Language via Merge Records. If you don’t have time for the full album, I’d recommend “Blue Angel” or “Heart to Tell.”

You will NOT be disappointed. The album is both beautiful and endearing.

Must Hear Preview: Villagers

Once again, NPR has provided an incredible preview.

The latest album from Villagers, Becoming a Jackal, is absolutely outstanding. It might be one of the best of 2010, and you can hear the entire LP up until it’s official June 8 release.

One man, Conor O’Brien, plays nearly every instrument on this expansive album, and he’s the brains behind all of the innovative songwriting.

Enough of my babbling, you just have to hear this record.

Preview: Blitzen Trapper

You can hear Destroyer of the Void, the latest album from the Northwestern beard-rockers Blitzen Trapper now until its official June 8 release (Thanks NPR).

This one sounds like it jumped straight out of the ’70s rock era into your ears. At points it may be hard to follow due to the structural jumps in each track, but personally, I’m very on board.

Check it out here.