What It’s About


I’ve been addicted to finding new and innovative music for quite a while, and after reading hundreds of record reviews, I got tired of other people telling me what I should and shouldn’t like.

The idea that some other person has better taste in music than you is simply ridiculous. The whole point of taste is its subjectivity.

In other words, you decide what you like.

That said, I don’t like all music (I’m looking at you Justin Bieber/Toby Keith/etc), so this is


Anytime I find music that I find to be innovative, enjoyable, interesting, and/or any combination of those qualifiers, I will post it here for anyone who happens to stumble across this blog to enjoy.

Said music will come in the form of videos, mp3’s, links or whatever the popular version of sharing music is at that particular point in time (no piracy supported).


If I can gain a strong enough readership, I’ll be able to devote more time to this blog, which will mean more posts and more music for you to enjoy.

So anytime you find something you like or dislike, please do me the simple favor of leaving a comment to get your two cents in. Conversation is highly encouraged.

You can also subscribe to the blog, you can tell your friends and/or you can join the facebook fan page.



3 responses to “What It’s About

  1. I’m looking forward to your blog – always looking for interesting, different, hidden, off-the-beaten path, fun, great music.

    (It seems you would know this blog, but I thought I’d pass it along to spread the tunes….http://blog.wfmu.org/)

  2. So I linked to your blog from mine. Hope that’s okay. I’ve been reading through yours, and I think it’s quite charming. So. Yes.

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