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Must Hear Preview- Arcade Fire

And here we are again: NPR’s Exclusive First Listen is now featuring another incredible album.

This time the featured album is The Suburbs– the highly anticipated third studio album from Canadian Indie rock demigods Arcade Fire.

Enjoy the full album here.


Free EP: Julip

For all of you Jose Gonzales fans out there like me, you’ll be happy to discover that Julip, the smooth singer’s Swedish side project, is putting their latest EP up for free download.

Just head to their website, provide your e-mail address and voila; the EP will be yours.

Just Frenetic Enough: Maps & Atlases

Maps & Atlases have left some of their math-rock tendencies behind for their colorful debut full-length LP, Perch Patchwork, out today.

The Chicago-based group didn’t drop all of their layered, rigorous attention to syncopation, however, and what’s left is an album that sounds like a themed mural that’s been splatter-painted with sparkly guitar riffs.

With more space to breathe, Dave Davison’s voice is free to take charge of the melodies, and he delivers a confident performance on each track.

Stylistically speaking, Perch Patchwork ranges all the way from Afro-beat to indie pop rock, while remaining heavily percussive and using embellishments to maximum potential.

Listen to the full album at their Myspace.

Preview: The Roots

You can now listen to How I Got Over, the latest album from beloved hip-hop outfit The Roots, at their Myspace.

The LP features collaborations with Joanna Newsom, Jim James from My Morning Jacket and the female vocalists from Dirty Projectors, and it’s due June 22.

Shameless Self-Promotion: People,People

My band People,People has finally finished our self-titled debut album!

We wrote all the orchestra arrangements and recorded/mixed/produced the entire album ourselves (it’s been quite a ride) in our living room, so we’re pretty proud of our not-so-little full-length LP. (There’s even an overture section!)

It would mean the world to me if you would take some time and listen to at least a few tracks from the album. If you like it, then PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT US.

Since we just got the master copy of the album last night, it’s not available for sale just yet, but in the hopes of spreading our music to the most people that we can, we’ve posted the entire album for streaming at our Myspace.

Just click here to enter the world of People,People.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thick Beats, Dark Timbres: Phantogram and Massive Attack

This week’s been a good one.

  • Yeasayer released Odd Blood (discussed tomorrow)
  • Hot Chip released their newest (doesn’t deserve discussion-it’s just not that great)
  • Phantogram released their debut Eyelid Movies (dark pop/electronica)
  • Massive Attack released Heliogland, their first in seven years (trip-hop at its finest), and
  • Ben + Vesper released LuvInIdleness (honorable mention)

Last week, a link was provided to preview both Phantogram‘s and Massive Attack‘s LPs before they were officially released. Now they’ve been released.

If you missed those opportunities, both Eyelid Movies and Heliogland have now been embedded into clickable Lala players on the right side of this very blog.

The albums share dark, rich qualities, and both rely heavily on crunchy electronic percussion to add energy. Definite mood music, but enriching nonetheless.

Must-Hear Exclusive Preview: Local Natives

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to the new Local Natives album Gorilla Manor right now. It’s that good.

Lush, tight harmonies driven by a rambunctious rhythm section ooze out with each listen.

You can stream the album here a week before its official release (thanks again NPR).

Now that you’ve opened the link, you can probably resume whatever it was that you were doing while simultaneously listening to this jewel of an album.

From my first listen, it immediately sounded like another favorite of 2010. Hope you can say the same.