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New Single: Ra Ra Riot- Boy

Ra Ra Riot is known for their supercharged pop, heavy with rich strings, driving beats and soaring melodies.

Their new single “Boy” has the same tendencies, but it sounds a bit more mature than their debut tracks from The Rhumb Line (2008); you can hear their growth and development.

To hear the song, head to their website, and play/download it from the top right of the page.

Yep, that’s one hell of a bassline.


Soaring Through Soundscapes: Jonsi

Simply titled Go, the latest album from Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi Birgisson, does just that. From the opening glitched vocals in the first track “Go Do,” the song does nothing but pick up speed until you feel like you really are flying or running over beautiful, vivacious landscapes.

Throughout the entire album, you’re pulled up, down, backward and forward, never fully losing momentum until epic closer “Henglas” winds you down with a refreshing, gigantic orchestral shower of chords.

After hearing Jonsi in primarily lethargic, down-tempo settings with Sigur Ros and Riceboy Sleeps, the energetic forwardness of this solo project is a welcome change. His voice’s timbre still complements the new aesthetic beautifully.

My favorite track has to be “Tornado,” which you can listen to here, along with most of the rest of the album.

I’ve posted the whole album for streaming over on the right. But if you’re not a Lala user, you can watch the Youtube channel linked just above this, or you can head to his site where the album is available to stream.

Jonsi is starting out on a world tour today in support of the album, and judging from the pictures/videos on his site, the show is going to be a doozie. You can also check all of the tour dates at the same site.