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Two Records Worth Checking Out: Miniature Tigers & Jaill

It’s Tuesday!

For all music lovers, this means it’s a day of celebration, jubilation, and discovery. I’m sure some people will be a little disappointed I’m not talking about Best Coast‘s hazy summer-pop release today (sorry guys- really not much of a fan…), but don’t fear; there are still two notable releases that should tickle your respective fancies.

First, Brooklyn-based Miniature Tigers released Fortress today via Modern Art Records.

The album is a feel-good selection of tracks that’s perfect for this time of year, and it was co-produced by Chris Chu of The Morning Benders. If that co-production excites you, you’ll be interested to know that the single “Goldskull” was also produced by none other than Neon Indian (you can definitely hear the Chillwave influence in that track).

You can stream the entire album over at Spinner.

Next, Jaill released That’s How We Burn today via Sub Pop.

Somewhat close to the same stylistic spectrum as the aforementioned group, Milwaukee-based Jaill create pop-driven rock, but their Midwestern breed of garage rock delivers a much heavier dose of grit and drive.

Sadly I can’t find this album streaming anywhere, so you’ll have to settle for some samples at their Myspace.

Happy Tuesday!


Getting Ready for Summer: Two Tightly Wound Songs

First, The Love Language has just released a new track from their forthcoming album Libraries, due out July 13.  The track is a saccharine feel-good number with serious throwbacks to sunshiney ’60s pop.

You can listen to “Heart to Tell” at their Myspace– just make sure to click play on the first listed track.

Next, Jaill is releasing their Sub Pop debut, That’s How We Burn, July 27, and to get your ears titillated, they’ve released “Everyone’s Hip.” The track’s filled with a rambunctious, playful energy perfect for the season in which the album will be released.

To hear the track, simply play the video in The Connection over on the right.

Commence dancing.