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Two Records Worth Checking Out: Miniature Tigers & Jaill

It’s Tuesday!

For all music lovers, this means it’s a day of celebration, jubilation, and discovery. I’m sure some people will be a little disappointed I’m not talking about Best Coast‘s hazy summer-pop release today (sorry guys- really not much of a fan…), but don’t fear; there are still two notable releases that should tickle your respective fancies.

First, Brooklyn-based Miniature Tigers released Fortress today via Modern Art Records.

The album is a feel-good selection of tracks that’s perfect for this time of year, and it was co-produced by Chris Chu of The Morning Benders. If that co-production excites you, you’ll be interested to know that the single “Goldskull” was also produced by none other than Neon Indian (you can definitely hear the Chillwave influence in that track).

You can stream the entire album over at Spinner.

Next, Jaill released That’s How We Burn today via Sub Pop.

Somewhat close to the same stylistic spectrum as the aforementioned group, Milwaukee-based Jaill create pop-driven rock, but their Midwestern breed of garage rock delivers a much heavier dose of grit and drive.

Sadly I can’t find this album streaming anywhere, so you’ll have to settle for some samples at their Myspace.

Happy Tuesday!


You Should’ve Heard This by Now

The Morning Benders released their album Big Echo, which was produced by Grizzly Bear‘s own Chris Taylor (that guy’s got a serious future in production- seems like everything he touches turns to sonic gold).

The first two tracks are definitely the strongest, but with each repeat listen the following songs have grown on me. The combination of Taylor’s vintage sounding production with this group’s upbeat melodies works very well.

Listen to the full album in the Lala player on the right, or head to their Web site to check out a few tracks.

If you missed the post with the Benders playing Excuses live, captured by Yours Tru.ly, you can head to his Vimeo collection or scroll through my video collection on the right to find it. It’s definitely worth watching.

What to Look Forward to

Next week’s big releases look promising to say the least. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Listen to the Entire Morning Benders Album Now!

Thanks to The Morning Benders’ generosity, you can now listen to Big Echo in its entirety a week before its official release…RIGHT NOW.

Just head to their Web site and check it out!


New Twist on an Old Sound: The Morning Benders

Hailing from Berkely, California, The Morning Benders have released the first track from their upcoming album Big Echo.

The song, Excuses, sounds like a ’50s pop song at points, but with a newer edge supplied by dissonant strings and a hazy soundscape at the beginning.

The new album was co-produced by Grizzly Bear multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor, and the influence shows when you compare their new release to their former.

To hear the album version of Excuses, go here.

For a free download of the MP3, go here.

To watch an awesome “Wall of Sound” live performance of the track with “The Big Echo Orchestra,” Christopher Owens of Girls, John Vanderslice, and more, click on the handy video link in the top right of this blog.

The video was shot by Yours Truly.

What do you think? Pretty great, right?