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Two Records Worth Checking Out: Miniature Tigers & Jaill

It’s Tuesday!

For all music lovers, this means it’s a day of celebration, jubilation, and discovery. I’m sure some people will be a little disappointed I’m not talking about Best Coast‘s hazy summer-pop release today (sorry guys- really not much of a fan…), but don’t fear; there are still two notable releases that should tickle your respective fancies.

First, Brooklyn-based Miniature Tigers released Fortress today via Modern Art Records.

The album is a feel-good selection of tracks that’s perfect for this time of year, and it was co-produced by Chris Chu of The Morning Benders. If that co-production excites you, you’ll be interested to know that the single “Goldskull” was also produced by none other than Neon Indian (you can definitely hear the Chillwave influence in that track).

You can stream the entire album over at Spinner.

Next, Jaill released That’s How We Burn today via Sub Pop.

Somewhat close to the same stylistic spectrum as the aforementioned group, Milwaukee-based Jaill create pop-driven rock, but their Midwestern breed of garage rock delivers a much heavier dose of grit and drive.

Sadly I can’t find this album streaming anywhere, so you’ll have to settle for some samples at their Myspace.

Happy Tuesday!


Just Frenetic Enough: Maps & Atlases

Maps & Atlases have left some of their math-rock tendencies behind for their colorful debut full-length LP, Perch Patchwork, out today.

The Chicago-based group didn’t drop all of their layered, rigorous attention to syncopation, however, and what’s left is an album that sounds like a themed mural that’s been splatter-painted with sparkly guitar riffs.

With more space to breathe, Dave Davison’s voice is free to take charge of the melodies, and he delivers a confident performance on each track.

Stylistically speaking, Perch Patchwork ranges all the way from Afro-beat to indie pop rock, while remaining heavily percussive and using embellishments to maximum potential.

Listen to the full album at their Myspace.

Preview: Blitzen Trapper

You can hear Destroyer of the Void, the latest album from the Northwestern beard-rockers Blitzen Trapper now until its official June 8 release (Thanks NPR).

This one sounds like it jumped straight out of the ’70s rock era into your ears. At points it may be hard to follow due to the structural jumps in each track, but personally, I’m very on board.

Check it out here.

First Listens: Sleigh Bells, The Black Keys

Two duos-Sleigh Bells and The Black Keys- are putting their albums up for previewing before their official release dates over at NPR.

Head here to hear the crunchy electro-rock/pop sounds of Sleigh Bells’ LP Treats.

Head here to sample the latest bluesy album, Brothers,  from The Black Keys.

Sorry for the brevity of this post- I’m still in the middle of mixing my band’s debut album. We’re called People,People and we’re posting new unmastered tracks in a rotating door fashion each day as we get closer to finishing the project. You can check out our orchestral prog-rock here.