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Watch: Inlets- In Which I, Robert

Back when Inlets released their debut album Inter Arbiter, I officially deemed it an Ungodly Release (and it’s still in the running for one of the best albums of the year).

Now Sebastian Krueger’s project has released an awesome video for one of my favorite tracks, “In Which I, Robert.” (You’ve gotta love the funky prepared piano bass line.)

The video delves into different dimensions inside a box inside Krueger- very cool. Sadly I can’t embed the video yet due to copyright restrictions, so you’ll have to head to Stereogum to watch it.

It’s worth it.


UNGODLY RELEASE: Inlets- Inter Arbiter

Inlets craft a breed of music designed for an audience that understands the complexities music theory can foster and nourish when combined correctly with pop aspects. The latest album from Sebastian Krueger’s project, Inter Arbiter, is tinged with classical progressions while still keeping a firm hold on the backbeat.

In fact, this album is so unique, so innovative, so knowledgeable; it’s getting a title few albums have come to share: This record is officially another UNGODLY RELEASE.

The record is extremely colorful, featuring prepared piano bass lines, descending banjo lines in a competing time signature, incredibly intricate vocal harmonies, jazzy bass clarinets and clarinets, toy piano, and flute (and that’s only in the first half of the LP).

You can stream the full album via The Connection over on the right. You can also watch the video for the first single, “Bright Orange Air” in The Connection. If you’re not hip to Lala, you can click on over to the Myspace.