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Catching Up

Alright. It’s time for me to play a little bit of catch-up with you guys. As I’ve been rather busy lately pushing my band’s album and preparing for our show at FreeTulsa Music Festival next weekend, I’ve neglected to post consistently. For that I apologize.

Now that that’s settled, go ahead and take some time to listen to the forthcoming album Mines by the longstanding Portland-based group Menomena via NPR’s Exclusive First Listen. You can do that here. The album’s due June 27.

Next, Department of Eagles released their anthology of previously unreleased tracks on an album appropriately titled Archive 2003-2006 yesterday. I recommend you take time to listen to that as well. For a sample, watch a homemade video for their single “While We’re Young” via The Connection over on the right side of this page.

The Love Language released their deliciously 60’s sunshiney pop-tinged album Libraries last week. It’s very good. Listen to the full album here.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, my band People,People has been very busy lately. One of the many endeavours in which we’re currently involved is the making our first music video for our single “Five Year Drought.” Excitingly enough, you can watch a teaser promo for the video, also via The Connection over on the right side of this page.

Enjoy! Thanks for understanding! I love all of you!


Video: The National- Terrible Love

Pitchfork.tv provided a wicked venue for The National to play one of their new tracks, “Terrible Love.” 

Wait for it…………………………………………

……………..it’s an abandoned castle.

Watch it in The Connection over on the right. Videographer Ray Concepcion provided the cinematography.

Preview: New Albums from The National and The New Pornographers

You can stream the forthcoming album High Violet from The National before it’s released May 11 up until tomorrow at the New York Times website.

You can stream Together, the new album from The New Pornographers, at NPR’s site. The album is due May 4.

Along for the Ride: Dosh

Electronica folds nicely into a fresh take on jazz forms in the latest album from folktronica pioneer Dosh.

The producer’s fifth album, Tommy, doesn’t contain any hooks, but it provides a murky, mysterious textural depth for whatever physical scene you may standing/sitting/jogging/etc. in while listening to it.

My personal favorite track has to be “Airlift,” which glides through shimmering pianos until you’re brought to a stop to enjoy the dusty scenery of  another personal favorite, “Country Road.”

If you’re like me, you won’t be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for something to drop (and that never happens); instead you’ll be coasting along in a reclined position, just enjoying the ride for what it’s worth.

You can listen to the full album in The Connection, located directly to the right. Otherwise you’ll have to head to the Myspace.


Baths Revisited

A little while ago, I told everyone to listen to Baths. Now it’s been revealed that Cali-based Will Wiesenfeld’s project is going to drop an album titled Cerulean on June 22 via Anticon.

Another track from the forthcoming album (this might be a personal year’s favorite judging from the tracks released thus far), “Hall” has been revealed.

The only place I’ve found the track is right here.

You can still check his Myspace for more. And to hear the track I was ranting about a while back, click here.

Excited yet?

Soaring Through Soundscapes: Jonsi

Simply titled Go, the latest album from Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi Birgisson, does just that. From the opening glitched vocals in the first track “Go Do,” the song does nothing but pick up speed until you feel like you really are flying or running over beautiful, vivacious landscapes.

Throughout the entire album, you’re pulled up, down, backward and forward, never fully losing momentum until epic closer “Henglas” winds you down with a refreshing, gigantic orchestral shower of chords.

After hearing Jonsi in primarily lethargic, down-tempo settings with Sigur Ros and Riceboy Sleeps, the energetic forwardness of this solo project is a welcome change. His voice’s timbre still complements the new aesthetic beautifully.

My favorite track has to be “Tornado,” which you can listen to here, along with most of the rest of the album.

I’ve posted the whole album for streaming over on the right. But if you’re not a Lala user, you can watch the Youtube channel linked just above this, or you can head to his site where the album is available to stream.

Jonsi is starting out on a world tour today in support of the album, and judging from the pictures/videos on his site, the show is going to be a doozie. You can also check all of the tour dates at the same site.


Just Weird Enough- Tunng

The fourth album from Brit psych-folkers Tunng may be a step away from their old sound, but for someone lacking knowledge of the group’s reportoire, ..And Then We Saw Land is a solid LP.

The song structures seem simple enough, but the group employs subtle electronic blips and alterations to keep interest high and engaged.

Sing-along moments in the burlier tracks, like opener “Hustle,” add relatability to the album’s genre-crossing, fence-straddling sound. You can stream the HD video for that song over on the right.

Another mentionable track, “Sashimi,” reminded me of Efterklang at moments, if Efterklang were to opt for synths rather than acoustic instrumentations. You can listen to the track here.

Unfortunately, the album’s mp3’s aren’t up for purchase on Lala, but you can still stream the album there. Non-Lala users can head to the Myspace for a taste.

What do you think?